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At the  age of twelve Carlos's only goal was to be a film specialist (STUNTMAN). Since he was three years old, he spent most of the hours at his parents' gym, always doing contact sports at the gym and various sports on the street. At the age of sixteen, he began a course in Madrid for Stunts, where he began to train for fourteen months. At the end of the course, he began with the action shows in Spain among them the desert of Almeria, until being hired for the first time to work as a stuntman  in the serie "Ulises syndrome" where he performed a motorcycle chase and a motorcycle fall, with 20 years of age, then, he began his professional career in major film productions. Nowadays, Carlos has a professional experience of twelve years in set of shoots of great films, he prepared several choreographies of action for great super productions, always working with the maximum security and perfection possible for each scene, his preparation and training in this industry is continuous . He has worked with great directors like: James Cameron, Ridley Scott, Lana Wachowski and Andy Wachowski, Mabrouk the Mechri, Fernando Leon, Daniel Calparsoro, Alberto Arvero ... He has dubbed to prestigious actors like: Tim Robbins, Henri Cavyll, Marton Csokas, ...


- Movie: “Terminator 6”

- Movie: “cloud atlas”

- Movie: “exodus”

- Movie: “a perfect day” ( Tim Robbins double )

- Movie: “the Cold light of day” ( Henri Cavyll double )

- Movie: “zona hostil”

- Movie: “the liberator”

- Movie: “combustion” ( Luis Zahera double )

- Movie: “invasor” ( Alberto Ammann double )

- Movie: “captain thunder”

- Movie: “santiago apóstol”

- Movie: “The warrior”


- Serie: “Warrior nuns”

- Serie: “La peste”

- Serie: “Kingdom of fire” ( Double )

- Serie: “el síndrome de ulises” ( Héctor Mora double )

- Serie: “mad dogs”

- Serie: “falcon” ( Marton Csokas double )

- Serie: “el ministerio del tiempo”

- Serie: “lost in the west”

- Serie: “Snatch  season 2” (Tamer Hassan double )

- Serie: “The spanish princes”

- Commercial: “carrefour west”

- Commercial: “freixenet” 2011 ( Sacha Marcus double )

- Commercial: “jaguar xf”

- Commercial: “Emporio armani”

- Commercial: “The challenge vendettas”


- Live shows: “mini hollywood-oasis”

- Live shows: “fort bravo-texas hollywood”

- Live shows: “an afternoon of action” by cities of spain

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